Changing the tempo;

light, is announced by a fiery red glow.

In anticipation bird choirs sing in tune with,

the rumbling of the smoke that thunders.

The sun rises out of the gorge wrapped

in the wedding veil spray of the Mosi-o-tunya

Shimmering gold it colours the beginning

of the African day.

The once dark and murky the Zambezi

sparkles silver upon receiving light; birthing the mighty Mosi-o-tunya.

Rocks harness peaceful tranquil waters

into foamy lime green swirls that pound the depths of the old earth.

In its oasis of the African savannah,

Rainbows dance with cloudless rain,

to its thunderous music.

While its showers cleanse, all that awe at its majestic beauty.

At days end, as the golden stage lights sink back into the waters.

Skipping buck, yawning hippos, stealth crocodiles, bustling buffalo and

heaving elephants; watch the disappearing red clock.

Darkness stealing light once again announces the sounds of the night.

© Cleopatra Chipo Kuuya 2002