Our Relationship – Poetry Repost



Self Portrait

Self portrait

“Black” is what you call me; in those moments I too fail to find the right brown to

describe me. Somehow this skin matches perfectly

with my eyes.

“Great pair of tits”.

Without ‘the wonder bra’;

the imperfections of one

hanging lower than the other, declares my womanhood.

Somehow this gives power for some to discriminate,

dictate my rights;

often I find myself swimming in the pool of inequality.

“Friendly smile” that’s where they always leave it.

Never digging below the surface;

into a mind bursting with;

creativity, innovation;

always hope, joy, peace, love, wisdom,

and sometimes dismay, anger and fear.

© Cleopatra Chipo Kuuya 2010


1. Awakened

I awakened at four am

To the voice of my soul

With clarity

It was laid out

What I needed to see, to know, to be

The mist shifted

At last I knew

My deepest truths

Had all been waiting to flow

I just needed to awaken

From the nightmare of thought

That got me to this point

I shall not slumber again

For this now

Is where I ought to be

© Chipo Cleopatra Kuuya 2013